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Here is what you need to know to go

1. What is a photo tour?

My primary focus of a photo tour is to get you out into a photo rich environment. Taking you places where you wouldnt normally know to go. Then helping you get great shots. Giving you some tutelage as we go threw the day.

2. What type of photo gear do I need?

This is a basic work shop for beginners and amateur photographers. You need the basics, DSLR camera body, a few lens, Tripod, neutral density filter and a good backpack gear bag to carry your equipment in.

3. What Type of clothing?

We will be shooting here in the mountains and weather changes quickly and dramatically. You should have a good hiking boots, something waterproof. A light weight fleece or jacket. Always carry a light weight raincoat. Gloves, hat and yes sun protection.

4. What kind of terrain will we be traversing?

Depending what we are photographing on your particular tour, it could be a wide range of terrain. We recommend a walking stick or hiking poles to help with balance. Most areas you will be traversing will be slippery rocks and tree roots. Sometimes there will small stream crossing. Shooting here in the high country you can always count on going up and down steep grades to get to some the good locations that are off the beaten path.

5. What about first aid?

We carry a lightly equipped first aid kit. Meaning it has bandages, first aid cream, disinfecting spray and Benadryl for bug bites. We strongly suggest that you bring and keep with you all prescription medicines that you might need while your in the field. Please also mention any health issue's you presently have to us so we are a where of them as well.